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The Importance of Logging in

The shopping cart driving the SrailStamps website is fairly sophisticated, and discounts and other special features may only appear to those who have registered and are logged in. Certain products may only appear to those who are logged in. For the best user experience and pricing, please make sure you're logged in when you browse the site.

Account Registration and Sign up

Click the "Sign Up" link at the top of a page or go here to sign up.

All that's required for registration is an e-mail address and your first and last name. However, it is beneficial to fill in additional information by going to your customer account page. Your user ID will be your e-mail.

Entering your address when registering will save time checking out, and you can enter multiple addresses for your account (for instance, if you have a street address and PO Box.) There's an "Add New Address" tab on the "Address Book" page that will allow you to do this.

You will get a confirmation e-mail once you register. If you don't receive that e-mail, check your spam/junk folder. If you still haven't received the confirmation, it's possible that you incorrectly entered the e-mail address. You can contact Ken or re-register.

Account Management

All aspects of your account can be managed from the Account Dashboard. You can update your account information (e-mail, name), addresses (via the Address Book), check on orders and manage your newsletter subscriptions.

Forgot your Password?

If you've forgotten your password, you can retrieve it here.

Communication from

Stay informed via e-mail (by signing up for the newsletter), Twitter or Facebook. Any time new items are listed, prices are reduced, or new "no minimum, no reserve" auctions are listed, I'll post or send a message via all 3 methods. You don't need to subscribe to everything if you don't want to. Use whichever method(s) are most convenient.

Shopping Cart and "Out of Stock" messages

All items remain "visible" until an order is placed. That means that while you may have something in your shopping cart, someone else could still buy it. This is different from the way the old website worked. Since most items are "one-of-a-kind," as soon as an item sells, it will show as "out of stock" in your shopping cart.

Why this change? On the old site, I had several "squatters" - collectors who would go through and put many of the better items in their shopping cart. Doing so made those stamps "invisible" to everyone else. They might keep them in their cart for days while deciding. In many cases, they would end up not purchasing those items, but by the time they decided "no", the traffic had died down from the initial notice and those items went unsold.

In fairness to everyone, all items will now remain visible until someone checks out. The bad news is that you may go to check out and find out one of the items in your cart is no longer in stock because someone ordered it before you checked out. You'll need to remove it in order to complete the purchase of whatever else you have in your cart. The good news is that since all the items can be seen (squatters are now "out of business"), you should have a better selection to choose from and may end up finding even more items than before!

Compare Products

This feature will allow you to compare products. All you need to do is click the "Add to Compare" button on any page and you can add items to be compared. You can see a list of products you have in your "Compare" list in the left column of just about any category page, or you can click this link.

Searching for Products

There are several ways to search for products on the SrailStamps website:

  • Basic Search Box - located at the top of each page. Searches the entire store for products with the keyword(s) you enter. You can enter multiple words (either with a comma or space between) and it will treat that as an "AND" search (e.g. typing "blue" and "red" in the box, separated by a space or comma, will find products with both "blue" and "red" somewhere in the description or title. It also looks for "similar" words, so may return additional results where the words are close to "blue" or "red" but not exactly the same.
  • Advanced Search - a special page where you can choose special attributes to search by. This page includes the ability to search by keywords, price range, centering, condition, format, characteristic, whether it is certified or not (and by whom), graded certificates, etc. For attributes with multiple values (like Centering), you can use "control-click" (windows) or "command-click" (Mac) to select multiple entries. For example, control/command clicking on "Superb" plus "XF/Superb" plus "XF" will find all the stamps that are XF or better.
  • While browsing categories - a powerful way to search and refine results in a given category is to use the "Shop By" column at left. You can choose a specific condition, centering, price range, etc. and just get the results just for that category. The "Shop By" filter appears on every valid product category page.

Navigating the Product Page

Each product page will contain a picture (if available), may contain additional pictures, and will have a title and full description (description located near the bottom of the page.) There may be additional tabs above the description for other relevant information ("additional information", "extension/expertization policy", etc.)

The main picture is displayed in an image box, and hovering your mouse above a portion of the image will zoom in on that part (if the picture is larger than what displays.) If there are additional thumbnails (for instance, showing die details, certificates that accompany the lot, etc.) they will appear below the image box. Clicking on each thumbnail will bring that image into the box. For items with more thumbnails that can fit in the view, arrows will appear on each side. Clicking those arrows will scroll through the available thumbnails and you can select the one you want to view in the larger image box.

Clicking on the word "Zoom" will open a separate window with the full-size image in it. This should be helpful if you want to save the image as a file or use it in other programs (such as Photoshop, EzGrader), etc. You'll find arrows at the bottom so you can scroll through the full-sized images.

Price Alerts

Each product page has a "Sign up for price alert" button. Clicking this (while logged in) will set up a subscription that will e-mail you if the price changes on that item. As a general rule, I'll always send out messages (via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter) when reducing prices on everything, but if you'd like a separate reminder on a specific stamp, this will allow you to do this. Registration is required to use this feature, so visitors who don't have an account or aren't logged in will be redirected to a login/sign-up page if they click this link.

E-mail to a Friend

Each lot has a link to "E-mail to a Friend". Selecting this will take you to a form where you fill out your name & e-mail along with the recipients name and e-mail, and there's a place for you to type a message. The e-mail will be sent from you (using your name and e-mail in the "From" field) and will include the message you wrote along with a link to the lot you'd like to forward.

It's possible to send the message to multiple recipients too. Just click the "Add Recipient" button and you'll get additional field to enter another name and e-mail address.

Privacy Policy

The privacy and cookie policies can be found here