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Incredible Telepost Company Telegraph Stamp collection

Incredible Telepost Company Telegraph Stamp collection

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Incredible collection of 30 items from the Telepost Company (1908-1909.)  These “Telestamps” franks are unlisted in Scott, but listed in the extensive Kramer “United States Telegraph Stamps and Franks” catalog (and a number of the items here are ex-Kramer.)

Undoubtedly one of the most complete (if not THE most complete) study of these scarce items available to collectors.  Includes type I stamps with control numbers E50053, E04213, E00055 pair, Ea03212, Ea53212 (ex-Kramer), Ec51951 (ex-Kramer), Ed52500 (ex-Kramer), Ee50051, Eg50053, Ei50053 (ex-Kramer), Ek53461, Ek54552 (RARE USED EXAMPLE, ex-Kramer and the “highest control number reported” as of publication date), J52157.

Type 2 includes E (no number, imperforate superb single,) E09050 (ex-Kramer), Em50107, En50303 (ex-Kramer), En50304, Eq00452 (ex-Kramer), Er51001 (ex-Kramer), Es50751 (ex-Kramer), Et unnumbered imperforate pair, Eu00002 (this being the lowest serial number recorded, Kramer had Eu00003), J21857 pair, J21861, J44700 (RARE USED EXAMPLE, ex-Kramer), J71858

The collection also includes a flyer “What the Telepost will do for you” which explains the services offered and prices (rare in its own right!), a McKinley UX-19 postal card w/ “Telepost” advertising (Sterling Debenture Corp.) plus another postal card w/ information on the Telepost Initial restricted (stock) offering in Pennsylvania.  Both of these also rare.

Eric Jackson, one of the most prolific back-of-book dealers, only has 5 of these Telepost Co. items available:  type I “E” and “Ea” singles ($300-$350 each), an “Ea” pair ($750,) and type II items including an Es imperforate pair (faulty, $300) and Eq pair ($650).  Jackson doesn’t have a single used/cancelled example in stock, and these are exceptionally rare.

Easily the most comprehensive study of these rare items that exists, and probably an instant one-frame exhibit if you’d like to give that a shot.  Fair retail for these easily $10,000-$15,000, but if I gave you that amount of money and a year of time, you wouldn’t come close to duplicating this…  You WILL be the only one on the block (or stamp club, or state) with a collection like this!

See the entire specialized collection in the PDF below:

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Additional Information

Item Number 961200
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Expertization/Extension Policy

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  • You submit the item as the rightful owner and pay any certification and postage costs required at that time.
  • If the item comes back with an opinion stating "not genuine", with a different identification (different Scott number), or with faults not originally described, you may return the lot and I will reimburse your purchase price plus the cost of the certificate (up to 20% of the purchase price or $100, whichever is lower). The stamp must not be marked in any way, and must be returned in the original condition (not encapsulated). Express service premiums are not reimbursable. Certificate costs are not refundable if the service cannot render an opinion, or if a graded certificate disagrees with any statement regarding grade or estimated grade.
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