SrailStamps Customer Service

Shipping & Insurance
Most lots offered on are offered with free first class shipping to all worldwide destinations. Any exceptions to that rule, such as large lots or lots of significant weight, will be so noted in the description and shipping will be added based on the weight. No other fees (shipping or otherwise) will be added, unless otherwise specified in the description (Ohio sales tax is added when appropriate.)
Foreign shipments are sent uninsured and all risks of damage, loss and non-delivery are the responsibility of the buyer. The delivery of parcels of high value must be arranged and agreed to separately. In some cases, depending on the carrier, insurance for the full amount cannot be provided, or can only be provided at significant cost. Please contact me if you would like additional foreign shipping quotes and options. I am required by law to declare the full value on all International shipments. Please don't ask me to do otherwise.
Privacy & Security
The full Privacy Policy and be found here.
Any individual stamp (or groups of less than 5 items) is returnable for any reason within 14 days of receipt or within 30 days of purchase (whichever comes first,) unless the stamp was placed on "extension" or other mutually agreeable (written) arrangements have been made. Without prior written agreement or a valid extension request, all sales become "final" 30 days after the date of purchase.
"Convenience" Returns: When the description and/or identification is not in dispute but a return is desired, I will refund the purchase price on individual stamps (or groups of less than 5 items.) Your purchase price (minus my listing/PayPal fees, shipping/handling/insurance costs, and any other expenses) will be refunded. The lot must be returned within 14 days of receipt (or within 30 days of purchase) in the same condition as originally sent.

Returns due to Misrepresentation: Items not described properly are returnable, and the full purchase price and any shipping charges will be refunded. The item must be returned within 14 days of receipt (or within 30 days of purchase), in the same condition as originally sent. Any return without reason, or where the identification and/or description is not specifically disputed, will be considered a "convenience return".

Returns due to damage during shipment. If a shipment is lost or damaged, please contact me and I will file the necessary paperwork to process a refund. Insurance is included on all domestic shipments. Foreign shipments are sent uninsured and all risks of damage, loss and non-delivery are the responsibility of the International buyer.

A Note on Collections, Accumulations, Groups, etc.: All collections, accumulations, groups, etc. (any lot containing 5 or more items) are sold "as is". All such lots should be assumed to be in "mixed condition" with faults present on some items unless specifically stated otherwise. Higher value items should be assumed to have faults or poor centering unless stated otherwise. If you have any questions about large lots or specific items within large lots, please ask before you buy. I'm happy to answer any and all questions.

Please notify me if you're unhappy with something you purchase. I will try to reach an acceptable compromise. In the unlikely event you do return an item, I recommend you insure it for the full amount for your own protection. The material is your responsibility until it's safely back in my hands.

No item will be accepted for a return, for any reason whatsoever (including extension returns,) 4 months after the sale date. Any exceptions to this time limitation must be agreed to in writing.

Any uncertified (single) stamp that I sell may be placed on "extension" while a certificate of expertization is obtained. In addition, stamps with existing certificates issued prior to January 1, 2015 may be placed on extension for a new certificate. Individual stamps from a larger lot may not be placed on extension, unless prior approval has been obtained. The following procedure must be followed for all extensions:
  1. All lots must be paid for in advance and the lot will ship once payment clears. Upon receipt, please examine the item. If you agree with my description but want a certificate, please continue with step 2).
  2. You must notify me (preferably at time of purchase) that you are requesting a certificate and we must agree on a 3rd party service (PF, PSE, William Crowe, PSAG and APEX are acceptable) to do the certification. This notification must occur within 7 days of receipt but in no event later than 30 days from the purchase date. The item must be submitted within 7 days of receipt, but in no event later than 30 days from the sale or close of the auction.
  3. You submit the item as the rightful owner and pay any certification and postage costs required at that time. Contact information on the major expertization services can be found on my philatelic links page.
  4. If the item comes back with an opinion stating "not genuine", with a different identification (different Scott number), or with faults not originally described, you may return the lot and I will reimburse your purchase price plus the cost of the certificate (up to 20% of the purchase price or $100, whichever is lower). The stamp must not be marked in any way, and must be returned in the original condition (not encapsulated). Express service premiums are not reimbursable. Certificate costs are not refundable if the service cannot render an opinion, or if a graded certificate disagrees with any statement regarding grade or estimated grade.
  5. Upon receipt of the returned stamp and certificate, I will credit your account (as defined in (4) above) within 24 hours. You can leave the money on account to apply toward future purchases, or request a refund, in which case funds will be sent within 2 business days.
Store-specific Information
All items are one-of-a-kind. Items ordered from the store must be placed in a shopping cart and checkout must be completed. Items will continue to appear as "available" until an order is completed. Placing an item in your basket does not guarantee the ability to purchase that item. In the event an item is inadvertently sold to multiple buyers, the order with the earliest completion timestamp will be awarded the item, and refunds issued where appropriate to the other apparent buyers.
When utilizing on-line payments such as PayPal, checkout is not complete even though the payment portion may have been successfully completed. Checkout is only complete when the final order complete screen is displayed. In the event multiple customers checkout with the same item, the item will be awarded to the customer with the earliest checkout time.
For customers in good standing, I may allow items to be placed on "layaway" for up to 3 months, with payments and other terms to be mutually agreed upon in writing prior to the sale. Items on layaway will not be shipped until the final payment clears. Longer layaways may also be available, and are considered on a case-by-case basis.  Layaway interest rates are calculated as the WSJ Prime rate plus 2% (minimum 8% annually.)
If the buyer does not comply with the terms of a layaway, interest charges up to the maximum allowable by law may be added at my discretion, retroactive to the date of purchase. I also retain the right to void the sale and immediately re-offer item(s), and may pursue other courses of action, including legal means to recover money owed or interest accrued. In the event layaway items are resold and net proceeds are insufficient to pay the balance due on the layaway, the buyer is liable for any difference.
Any questions not answered above?
Please use the contact page if you have any other Customer Service questions that aren't answered on this page or you can call Ken toll-free at (888) 864-2483.